Do you want to know the reason most relationships fall apart?

Why two people who used to be so into each other can become a couple so frustrated that every word out of their mouths is an argument?

What if I told you I knew how you could not only SAVE a relationship from turning to dust like this…
but I could make it better than ever?

But tell me how close I am to describing a normal night:

You come home from a long day of work, eat dinner, maybe have a quick drink and then it's off to
bed. She's waiting for you as you climb into bed. You get up close to her, put your hand on her side
and give her a kiss on the neckā€¦

Then she turns away and says "not tonight, honey. I'm not really feeling it."

She turns off the light, and that's that... you're not getting ANYTHING tonight.

Pretty close, right?

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